Precisely Tailored Web Site Design & Web Software Development

At your service.

We design and build systems that exceed our clients' expectations - even the picky ones.

Web Design & Development

As simple as possible, as complex as necessary.

In our experience, when it comes to web design, one-size-fits-all does not always make for a comfortable fit. That's why our web site design and development is based on your company's specific needs and strategic goals. Through our mindful discovery, design, and development process, we create precisely tailored, custom solutions that are made especially for you--regardless of whether you're a snappy suit and sexy bow tie kind of person or one who tends to rock the kilt. 

Site Structure Development & System Architecture

Our team develops outlines for your site structure and content as a part of our project approach. We also provide recommendations on web servers, hosting, and other system requirements. If you have the exquisite pleasure of visiting our office, we'll discuss this with you over delicious and locally roasted Austin's Coffee and Barkolate!! chocolate from A Chateau Kitchen.

Concept Design

After our initial discovery, Aeon Blu creates a comprehensive design that starts with the development of wireframes of the home page and secondary pages and continues with design mockups of these pages. Don't be frightened. The wireframes really aren't made of wire.

Site Production & Development

Your website production and development begins with the building of page templates. We create templates for your home page and secondary pages followed by the programming and integration of your site’s software components. Still, not actual wire involved here, just long strands of talent and technical expertise.

User Interface & Experience Development

Aeon Blu values the importance of your user’s experience, and our web site design and development emphasize the quality of this experience. Although we research and recognize the latest trends, our web site design and development decisions are based on your brand and website user. Our expertise in user interface and experience design ranges in scope from an individual website to mobile and smart phone interface development. Just so you're aware, we don't develop dumb phone interfaces.

Staff Training, Content Editing, and Beta Testing

Once the production, development, and beta testing is complete we offer a training session with the staff responsible for maintaining the content of your site. With our assistance, your staff can then put the initial content of your site in place. We generally request dark chocolate or piles of potato chips during these sessions.

Many Languages, Frameworks & Platforms

When developing software solutions, we carefully choose the platform that best meets the requirements of the project. Our team of highly skilled software developers are experienced in utilizing the PHP, JavaScript, SQL, Perl, Objective-C, C#, VB, Action Scripting Miva Scripting and BASH Unix Shell; are masters of HTML and CSS; and work extraordinarily well in the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP), Microsoft .NET, Apple Xcode and Adobe Flash and Miva Merchant frameworks. We are also highly skilled Linux operating system, Apache web server, and MySQL database server administrators. We also support the ASPCA, the YMCA, the USA, and enjoy listening to M.I.A.

In The Cloud

Aeon Blu has the experience your company needs to leverage the many advantages of cloud computing infrastructures, such as the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2). We understand when and how to use cloud-based computing to build and host mission-critical, high-availability applications, delivery systems and web sites. Choose Aeon Blu to make the cloud work for you. Cirrusly, our cummulus efforts will elevate your business to a new stratus.

Our bluHQ Content Management System integrates with the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Simple Storage Solution (S3) which provides a cost-effective way to distribute content and off-load a web site’s storage bandwidth usage. Images and other files are auto-magically pushed by bluHQ to the cloud—and they are pushed real good.

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We are developers, designers, illustrators, copywriters, strategists, lovers of our community, idealists, and learning new things each day-ers. Our services are many - web site design and development, content management systems, custom web software development, Miva Merchant and e-commerce development, project management, strategic planning, branding and design - and our approach is harmonious. At Aeon Blu, we’re passionate about creating precisely-tailored solutions that are just right for you.