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Identity, Branding & Graphic Design

We identify with you.

Choose Aeon Blu to create and refine your company’s identity on the web and in the world. Our talented, eclectic, and multi-hairdo(ed) team provides brand discovery, concept development and execution, and comprehensive design of your web site and presence. We’ll help you create a strategically authentic foundation for your business.

Our wide range of expertise, experience, and services will transform your project from idea to identity. Aeon Blu offers:

Brand Discovery & Development

Our team collaborates with you to determine and define your brand's target consumers, essence, and personality. Our discovery process will help you create or further develop an authentic voice for your company that can be carried throughout all brand touch points and in very special food-related circumstances, toast points.   

Aeon Blu also works with you to refresh or create identity elements, such as logos, signature marks, color and font selection, taglines, style guides, secret handshakes, original dance moves, and just about anything else you need to further complement or develop your company’s brand image in print or on the web.

Our experienced and uniquely enchanting designers, illustrators, and artists can create and develop a variety of materials and products tailored to suit your individual business needs. From business cards to banner ads, Aeon Blu is here for you. It's true! Ok, we know, enough with the rhyming already. Freddy...Mercury was a great singer.

User Interface & Experience Design

Aeon Blu values the importance of your user's experience. We design user interfaces and websites with an emphasis on the quality of this experience. While we recognize the influence of design and development trends--and sometimes curse under our breath, "why couldn't we have thought of that, DAG," our design and development decisions are guided by what will best speak to your brand and your audience. Call upon our expertise for your web site, management system, web-based application, mobile phone, and smart phone interface design and development. If you do call however, we have Prince Albert in a can and will only let him out if you ask nicely.

Copywriting & Editing

Effective copywriting and editing is vital to your brand's identity. Our team works with you to craft or edit business messages that complement your company's authentic voice, values, vision, and vocabulary. We can assist in all phases of your content creation--from basic edits to entire content development. If you want to express your identity, gain greater exposure, drive action, tickle or twist the funny bones of your visitors, and more efficiently reach site visitors, Aeon Blu really has a way with words.

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We are developers, designers, illustrators, copywriters, strategists, lovers of our community, idealists, and learning new things each day-ers. Our services are many - web site design and development, content management systems, custom web software development, Miva Merchant and e-commerce development, project management, strategic planning, branding and design - and our approach is harmonious. At Aeon Blu, we’re passionate about creating precisely-tailored solutions that are just right for you.