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E-Commerce Development & Store Management

From first click to completion.

Aeon Blu develops e-commerce sites that are well-designed, customer friendly, and easy to manage. We understand the importance of a fluid web sales process that makes the shopping experience enjoyable for your customers and profitable for your business. Our custom-tailored systems provide the marketing and promotional tools you need to drive sales. We also realize that the sale is only the beginning. We have years of experience in creating efficient and easy-to-use systems for managing inventory, customers, and shipping.

Although a good shout can be quite refreshing, we much prefer the gentle murmer of “ahhhh” as it escapes from the sweet smile on your customer’s face. How do we help you to help them master that grin?

Aeon Blu creates tools for easy management of your e-commerce store and integration with your back-office systems and processes, keeping your workflow productive.

Call upon Aeon Blu for:

  • Professional e-commerce site design & development
  • Highly-customized Miva Merchant website development
  • A custom-tailored site to meet your business goals and work flow requirements
  • A well designed shopping experience for your customers
  • Easy-to-Use content, product and customer management tools
  • Flexible product attributes and options
  • Real-time inventory management and tracking
  • Targeted sales and merchandising features
  • Miva Merchant module development
  • Tiered pricing & volume discounts
  • Product price and availability groups
  • Gift certificates
  • Discount codes and coupons
  • Sophisticated shipping & handling
  • Accurate tax calculation
  • Secure payment processing
  • A scalable solution to meet the growing demands of your businesses
  • Search engine optimization and search engine friendly URLs
  • Traffic and sales analytics
  • Customizable customer email confirmation and order notifications
  • Customer accounts & order history
  • RSS product feeds

Aeon Blu believes that positivity leads to profitabilty.

Let’s use a fictional, but phenomenal, new customer as an example.

Astred is 37 years old. Her family was born in Romania, but she was born in the US. She likes wearing knee socks, riding her bicycle, and singing along with the West Side Story movie soundtrack. She's a Jet. Her boyfriend, Bob, a Shark.

We keep your e-commerce site navigation as simple as possible.

Astred’s life is challenging enough always trying to find that one missing kneesock in the dryer. She is now starting to get a pre-smile feeling.

We understand the importance of product placement.

Astred needs to find that one extra special pair and fast.

We make it easy for your customers.

Astred is busy. She and Bob have dinner plans. “Astred, ready yet?" Bob sings from the living room. He doesn’t need to know that she's buying a striped pair with embroidery for his mom's birthday, so she can just simply say, “I’ll only be a minute, sweets.” Her lips continue to quiver in an upward direction.

We make shipping and handling a piece of cake - tax included.

Bob’s mom Inga, by the way, lives in Switzerland. But navigating the Alps is done in a snap. Oh Astred. You really do have a beautiful smile.

We offer creative ways to offer and display tiered pricing, targeted promotions, volume discounts, gift certificates.

Astred can’t believe her good fortune. The socks are buy one get one pair half off. She quickly purchases another pair for her friend, Susie, and sends a promo coupon to her brother, Alan. He and his girlfriend, Elana, are getting married soon. She’s getting cold feet.

We offer customer retention tools.

Astred is happy to receive a thank you email notification upon making her pre-dinner purchases. Bob is happy because Astred is happy. Together they sing “Tonight, tonight there’s only you tonight...”

We help you stay in tune and in touch with all your customers and may even introduce you to some new ones.

Our light-hearted foray into Astrid’s shopping experience is just the beginning. We’ll give you the tools to manage and keep track of the accounts, analytics, order processing and history for all the Astreds, Bobs, Elanas, and others within your customer base. We also help you target new customers and market sectors with methods such as technical search engine optimization and use of search engine friendly links.

Staff Training

We'll assist in the management of your store and train and support your staff. When your staff is happy, that makes us happy.

"Today, today, there's only Aeon Blu."

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We are developers, designers, illustrators, copywriters, strategists, lovers of our community, idealists, and learning new things each day-ers. Our services are many - web site design and development, content management systems, custom web software development, Miva Merchant and e-commerce development, project management, strategic planning, branding and design - and our approach is harmonious. At Aeon Blu, we’re passionate about creating precisely-tailored solutions that are just right for you.