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Content Management & Web Software Development

Sometimes it’s good to be full of yourself.

Aeon Blu's carefully crafted web software powers great sites. We develop robust, admin-friendly web media and content management systems that will enhance your web-based business operations. Our content management systems make businesses and web sites a delight to manage.

Aeon Blu provides precisely-tailored web site design and web software development to meet your company's strategic business goals. Our nearly cat-like instincts paired with our crazy wonderful attention to details will make you sing. From audio and video delivery, to sales tracking and e-commerce order fulfillment, we have full service systems to streamline your business operations and excellent project management to ensure your ideas take shape on time and on budget.

Custom Web Software Development

As a software service company, Aeon Blu develops custom software solutions precisely tailored to meet your business requirements and technical specifications. Our discovery process helps us explore the complexities of your business and guides us in developing the solutions that achieve your business goals.

At Aeon Blu, our project management and software development skills produce successful projects, on time and on budget. We'll guide the process from discovery to design to production to testing through launch. We'll make the process as predictable as possible. Yes, we do enjoy our work, and you'll be pleased with the outcome. You'll like us. You'll really, really like us.

Content Management System

bluHQ is a robust, adaptable Content Management System (CMS) which makes it easy to edit and manage your web site through a web browser. Our Content Management System provides a cost-effective foundation for dynamic, integrated web site design and development. It boasts a flexible framework (some claim that it is double-jointed), a well organized interface, dynamic pages, thoughtful content types, an intuitive user experience, and integration with third-party systems including Google Calendar, Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Simple Storage Solution (S3), WordPress, Vimeo, and Miva Merchant. We know. It's not nice to brag, but bluHQ made us do it.

Audio and Video Media Management

bluDDL is a robust Digital Download System (DDL) for the storage, management, and delivery of music and other digital media. With its integrated support for the Amazon Cloud, bluDDL provides a cost-effective foundation for storage and delivery of your digital libraries. And its adaptable framework makes it a great solution for any web site. bluDDL is especially designed for independent music labels and artists who want to manage their own digital music sales and delivery.

The Digital Media Orchestrator, not to be confused with the Electric Light Orchestrator, provides media file processing and smart file handling which is music to any web administrator's ears. bluDDL, quite simply, rocks. Who are we kidding? The file handling is not merely smart. It's super double-dutch smart.

Our web-based media tools seamlessly manage, stream and download audio and video assets (including MP3s, Streaming Video, Podcasts, and YouTube). Your digital assets and all related data can be managed through a web browser. In the case of a record label, bluDDL provides a user-friendly interface for managing multiple artists and all the related albums and tracks. Users can manage all the details - artists' bios, album descriptions, track info, and other meta data - necessary for the promotion, sales, and distribution of digital music. bluDDL provides a framework, or foundation, for integration of media distribution into a web site, and it can be adapted to your specific business and design goals.

MySQL Database Development & Administration

Aeon Blu develops robust database-drive applications and sites and offers many years of professional experience in the administration and fine-tuning related to all aspects of MySQL servers. Our bluHQ Content Management System and bluDDL Digital Download System are built upon a sophisticated MySQL 5 compliant database control layer to provide maximum performance with rock solid and roll steady security.

Web, Application Server Management

Aeon Blu knows servers. We are skilled systems administrators with years of web server and database server management experience. Whether hosted on a single dedicated server or in the cloud, our technical understanding ensures that your web sites and web applications will run smooth and fast.

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We are developers, designers, illustrators, copywriters, strategists, lovers of our community, idealists, and learning new things each day-ers. Our services are many - web site design and development, content management systems, custom web software development, Miva Merchant and e-commerce development, project management, strategic planning, branding and design - and our approach is harmonious. At Aeon Blu, we’re passionate about creating precisely-tailored solutions that are just right for you.