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bluHQ is a robust, adaptable Content Management System (CMS) which makes it easy to edit and manage a site through a web browser. It provides a cost-effective foundation for dynamic, integrated web site design and development. With a flexible framework, a well organized interface, dynamic pages, thoughtful content types, an intuitive user experience, and integration with third-party systems such as Google Calendar, Aeon Blu’s bluHQ has the capability to meet a company’s business and design goals

Web Publishing

  • Customizable Management Interface
    All content on the site can be managed through a web browser. The management interface is customizable to precisely match the site's content requirements.
  • Adaptable Framework
    bluHQ is more than a CMS. It provides a framework, or foundation, for developing a site, and it can be adapted to a project’s business and design goals.
  • Dynamic Page Templates & Content Blocks
    Pages and their content can easily be created and managed. Editing of page layout template is separated from editing of content. The content is organized into blocks, and one or more blocks can be embedded as tokens in a page layout. This simplifies the process of editing content and protects the layout of the page.
  • WYSIWYG Editor
    Editing content in bluHQ doesn’t require any experience with HTML. Content is displayed for editing just as it is on the site. The formatting can be applied with just a click.
  • Tokens
    bluHQ has robust token handling. Images and other elements can be positioned in the content using tokens, simplifying the editing process.
  • Content Types
    bluHQ provides several types of content - Blocks, Posts, Items, Events & Personas - which can be mixed together and related. This provides the ability to apply just the right type of content to meet a specific design goal.
  • Specialized Pages
    As a Content Management Framework, bluHQ provides a foundation for creating pages to meet any specialized need. Content can be manipulated, parsed and mixed in nearly infinite ways. The result is that the content will be completely dynamic and exactly tailored to meet a site’s design goals.
  • Content Views
    By handling all content as dynamic, bluHQ provides the ability to display content in multiple forms - audience & user-specific variations, printer-friendly pages, formatted for mobile devices and formatted for accessibility.
  • Relationship Building & Tagging
    Content can be easily related and given context in bluHQ - images can be related to blocks, events can be related to personas. Content can be tagged to provide better context and search indexing. This process is made easy by bluHQ’s autocomplete technology built-in to every content manager.
  • Image and File Uploading
    bluHQ makes it very easy to include images and links to files within content. Images and files can be uploaded and related to all types of content.
  • Image Resizing and Thumbnailing
    bluHQ auto-magically handles the resizing of images and creation of thumbnails. Multiple sizes of images can then be included in any content using tokens.
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
    bluHQ leverages Apache’s URL Rewrite capabilities to display pages with short, friendly URLs.
  • Search Engine Technical Optimization
    bluHQ provides a foundation for search engine optimization. The HTML is standards-compliant and degrades well - meaning that pages are formatted just like search engines want them to be. bluHQ also provides the ability to customize page titles and include metatags in each page.
  • Searching
    All content is fully indexed and searchable. bluHQ provides the capability to customize the search to the specific needs of a web site. Search terms submitted by visitors are logged.


  • Amazon Cloud Storage
    bluHQ integrates with Amazon’s Simple Storage Solution (S3) which provides a cost-effective way to distribute content and off-load a web site’s storage bandwidth usage. Images and other files are auto-magically pushed by bluHQ to the cloud.
  • WordPress
    Blog posts from WordPress can be cached and displayed throughout a site and integrated with other content.
  • Google Calendar
    bluHQ is fully integrated with the Google Calendar API. bluHQ Events are auto-magically synced with a Google Calendar.
  • Vimeo, YouTube
    bluHQ is fully integrated with the Vimeo and YouTube APIs. Videos from Vimeo and YouTube accounts can be easily managed and embedded in a site.
  • Miva Merchant
    bluHQ provides the ability to integrate content with the Miva Merchant shopping cart.


bluHQ supports 508 Compliance in the following areas:

  • All images, links and other dynamic/embedded content will be properly formatted with text-only alternatives and titles/labels
  • JavaScript will be used in place of Flash, where necessary, and should degrade gracefully.
  • Website will be navigable without a mouse.
  • Site will be coded with web standards in mind, and the final output will be validated CSS and XHTML.
  • Use of industry standard electronic forms that allow people using Assistive Technology to access the information, field elements, and functionality required for completion and submission of the form, including all directions and cues.
  • Readable pages that do not require use of scripting or style sheets.
  • Use of alt tags and other image cues.
  • Provides printable and text only views of pages.


  • Multi-User System
    Multiple groupings of user permissions can be defined. Access to each screen can be restricted.
  • Password Security
    Strong passwords are generated when user account is created. Passwords are encrypted with the 160 Bit SHA1 standard.
  • Session Management
    All access is tracked. Timeout period of sessions can be set.
  • User Metrics Logging
    IP address, browsers and other metrics are logged.

Technical Standards

  • All Site Content Is Dynamic And Managed Through bluHQ.
  • XHTML 1.0 Strict, CSS Level 2 Compliant
  • Strict Separation Of Markup, Style & Behavior
  • Clean Semantic Markup
  • User Interface Degrades Well
  • Search Engine Technical Optimization
  • Browser Compatibility: Firefox 3, Safari 4, IE 7, IE 8, iPhone Safari
  • PHP 5.2+, MySQL 4.1.x+, Apache 2.x+
  • jQuery 1.3, jQueryUI 1.6
  • All Javascript Methodology Built Upon jQuery Framework
  • Utilizes Unobtrusive Javascript & Flash Techniques
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