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Two-headed sheep, double-bulbed tulips, and a rare combination of Flash and JQuery.

March 11, 2010

WINTER PARK, FL - The wondrous world of Ripley is being re-introduced to a new generation. Aeon Blu recently completed an exciting interactive website to dovetail with the release of Ripley Publishing’s new fictional series of children’s books. The eight book series is based on the adventures of seven gifted teens in a top-secret group called the RBI: Ripley’s Bureau of Investigation. The site highlights the RBI characters and ties-in their adventures with the real, wacky history and artifacts collected by Robert Ripley.

Web designer and project illustrator, Anna McCambridge shares “ After hearing the client’s ideas and goals, we went to the drawing board…literally. We knew immediately that we wanted to try something different to make the RBI site stand out from other sites in this genre. Throughout the website design process, we brought clarity to the client’s vision by generating ideas first through hand sketches, which eventually led to finished, hand rendered site illustrations. Our creative direction and design along with our original illustrations helped create a fresh and expressive look and user experience.”

Aeon Blu used an innovative and seamless Flash & JQuery integration for the site. By combining these two technologies, they could expand the interactivity to the entire page, making for a more compelling and immersive experience. Aeon Blu’s robust, user-friendly, and adaptable bluHQ content management framework was also used.

Aeon Blu performed a simultaneous go live with the launch date of the books in February.  “The website is absolutely wonderful! I love it, it is exactly how I imagined it, if not better” notes Anne Marshall, publisher, Ripley Publishing Limited.  

Aeon Blu’s studio is located in Winter Park, Florida. In addition to their work with global companies such as Ripley’s Believe it or Not and Concord Music Group, the company continues to support local, sustainable initiatives in the Central Florida community including Ourlando, the Audubon Park Community Market and Central Florida Earth Day.

Read more about the design and development of the Ripley's RBI web site.


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